When selling any property, it’s important that you work with a conveyancing team that takes the stress out of the entire process, so that you get the results that you need. Indeed Convey assists its clients every step of the way.

So once you have decided to sell your property, and you have appointed a real estate agent, Indeed will step in to professionally assist you with your Contract of Sale and Section 32 Vendor’s Statement.

Once instructed to go ahead, Indeed immediately applies for the requisite property certificates and aims to have the paperwork out to the selling agent within seven days. Your agent will then be equipped with the paperwork to provide to prospective purchasers and formalise any offers that come forward.

Once your property is sold Indeed will:

  • Request the discharge of your mortgage and prepare for settlement
  • Liaise with the legal representative for the purchaser in anticipation of settlement
  • Verify accurate adjustment figures
  • Direct the buyer’s legal representative on how the settlement monies are to be drawn.